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Fresh Air

The Problem

Condensation occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with a cooler surface. If the surface temperature is at or below the point where moisture vapour held in the air condenses, the Dew Point, then water droplets form on the surface.

Our modern lifestyle with dishwashers, washing machines and showers, as well as cooking, adds up to a lot of moisture in the air. And our modern houses with their double glazing and draught proofing offer little opportunity for the moisture to disperse.

The Symptoms

Condensation leads to streaming windows, musty smells and black mould. Mould grows on walls, decorations and fabrics, and can adversely affect health.

Using de-humidifiers and anti-condensation paints treats the problem, not the cause. Attempting to cure the problem by extractor fans or air bricks is rarely effective, and leaving windows open can be insecure. Regency Preservation recommends the modern, professional solution of positive-input ventilation systems.

Our Solutions

Positive input systems gently ventilate properties night and day. They bring in air from the loft space, filtering out dust and particles down to pollen size. Unlike extractor systems, which draw in unheated air, a positive input ventilation unit supplies air already warmed in the loft space by the sun. And because the air supplied is at lower relative humidity, condensation is cured.

Envirovent Condensation Control Systems We use systems from award-winning British company Envirovent. Their products are whisper-quiet, low maintenance and designed for lifetime use. We can provide solutions for both flats and houses, and we provide a complete solution, from the initial survey to completing the installation.

Our experience and reputation are your guarantee of a cure for condensation that works for you and your home.

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We are experts in timber treatment, condensation cures, damp proofing and cellar conversions. We work in London and throughout the Home Counties area, mainly in Essex and Hertfordshire. We are a well-established family firm, and have built our business on our good reputation. Our work is carried out by our own staff and is usually backed by a long-term insurance-backed guarantee.   Dry Rot [Serpula lacrymans] causes extensive damage and should be thoroughly dealt with as soon as it is found. It needs an initial source of moisture but it can then spread to attack adjacent dry wood and can travel through masonry.   RegencyHDT
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