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Damp Proofing

The Problem

Damp proofing prevents rising damp, which is the movement of moisture up a wall by capillary action. Moisture will penetrate when there is no damp proof course, or it is defective. Moisture can also bypass the damp proof course when bridging occurs, that is, the course is overlapped by internal or external plaster, render or the external ground level.

The moisture brings with it natural salts in solution which rise with the moisture up the wall and into the plaster. As the moisture evaporates away the salts accumulate. These salts are hygroscopic, that is, they absorb atmospheric moisture, and therefore make walls remain damp even after the rising damp itself is stopped. This is why it is generally necessary to replace some plaster as part of damp proofing treatment.

The Symptoms

The symptom that clearly identifies rising damp is the "tidemark" effect, within 18 inches of the floor, as illustrated in the photos alongside. It also leads to wet rot in skirting boards, softens plaster, and causes permanent damage to decorations.

Our Solutions


You can rely on our experienced surveyors to spot the exact problem causing rising damp in your home, and recommend the optimum solution. We offer a range of different systems that inject a new chemical damp proof course and will recommend the one best suited for the construction of your property. The work will be completed by our own staff, not sub-contractors.

The most commonly used system is a cream formulation which is injected into holes drilled into the mortar beds of affected walls to form a horizontal barrier against rising damp. The formulation is ecologically safe and non-hazardous, and has a low solvent content.

For contractors and developers we provide simple injection of a damp proof course. For home owners, we provide complete solutions, from moving out the furniture and carpets to re-instatement and re-decoration.

We use products supplied by Wykamol, who are both the oldest company in the industry and at the leading edge in developing improved technology. Combining their quality products with our expertise and experience means a damp-proofing solution you can can trust.

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We are experts in timber treatment, condensation cures, damp proofing and cellar conversions. We work in London and throughout the Home Counties area, mainly in Essex and Hertfordshire. We are a well-established family firm, and have built our business on our good reputation. Our work is carried out by our own staff and is usually backed by a long-term insurance-backed guarantee.   The moisture brings with it natural salts in solution which rise with the moisture up the wall and into the plaster.   RegencyHDT
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