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Timber Treatment

Timber treatment protects the structural timber of your property. The threats prevented by treatment are insect infestation by wood boring beetles, and wood rot caused by fungi.

Wood boring beetles

Untreated timber is vulnerable to attack by "woodworm", a range of different varieties of wood boring beetles. The most numerous is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum). It infests structural timber as well as furniture, and is usually responsible for the tell tale small holes seen in affected timbers. The holes are formed when the male adult beetle emerges from the timber to fly off in search of a mate. Small piles of fine dust may be found beneath these holes in active infestations. Severe infestations cause weakening of timbers and the risk of collapse.

The Death watch beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum) attacks the hardwoods found in older properties. It causes extensive damage and requires thorough, effective treatment.

Because there are different species of wood boring beetles which require different levels of treatment it is vitally important to correctly identify the beetle causing a problem, so that it can be targeted with specific treatments for its eradication.

Our Solution

You can rely on our experienced, qualified surveyors to make the correct diagnosis, and then specify a solution that combines guaranteed effectiveness with minimum environmental impact. We use water based micro-emulsion insecticides either in spray or paste formulations. These are non-toxic to mammals and environmentally friendly. They are also quick to dry and have very low levels of odour. In most cases it is possible to re-occupy properties 1 hour after the end of the treatment. We are also able to offer Boron based treatments which are even safer but slightly more costly.

Wood rotting fungi

There are two main types of fungi which cause decay in timbers, Dry Rot and Wet Rot. Both require timber to become wet and to remain wet for some time. Therefore keeping the property dry is the first line of defence against fungal attack.

Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans) causes extensive damage and should be thoroughly dealt with as soon as it is found. It needs an initial source of moisture but it can then spread to attack adjacent dry wood and can travel through masonry.

There are several species of wet rot common in properties. Unlike Dry Rot, they can only attack damp wood and cannot spread to attack dry wood.

Our Solution

Treatment always starts with protecting timber from coming into contact with moisture. Badly damaged timber must be replaced. We make sparing use of biocide treatments, to protect timbers, particularly during the drying out of affected areas. We choose either micro-emulsions, pastes or Boron formulations, to give the optimum treatment.

Our treatments are supplied by Wykamol, the industry-leading British company. We are happy to provide insurance-backed guarantees for our work.

Our top-quality products, our experience, and our guarantee add together to make a timber treatment solution that eradicates insect infestation and wood rot and so gives you complete peace of mind.

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