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Wykamol are the leading supplier of building preservation products. They are both the longest-established company in the industry, and at the leading edge in developing improved technology. We use their products for cellar conversions and basement tanking, amp-proofing and timber treatment.

We use condensation cure systems from award-winning British company Envirovent. Their products are whisper-quiet, low maintenance and designed for lifetime use.


Associations/Governing Bodies

 Association of Accredited Wykamol Users (AAWU)

The Association of Accredited Wykamol Users is a trade body with over 80 members. It exists to ensure its members provide the highest standards of workmanship.
BWPDA British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association

We are long term members of the British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association, the Premier trade body for the British timber and building preservation industry. The BWPDA is a trade association that places great emphasis on standard of workmanship and ethics.

Insured Guarantees

Construction Guarantee Services Ltd provide insurance-backed guarantees for Regency's work. As a CGS approved contractor Regency have achieved what CGS believe are probably the hardest approval standards in the industry. Approval requires checks on financial status, technical competence, Health and Safety, and the provision of clear, concise and accurate reports. The rigour of these checks ensure that CGS members have an enviable position within the industry.


Related interests

Wykamol have created a site packed with useful information for anyone thinking of improving their home by converting a cellar : There is even a free 20-page guide to basement and cellar conversion.
Herts Plumbing


Local websites

Hitchin Town
Rotary Club of Hitchin

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We are experts in timber treatment, condensation cures, damp proofing and cellar conversions. We work in London and throughout the Home Counties area, mainly in Essex and Hertfordshire. We are a well-established family firm, and have built our business on our good reputation. Our work is carried out by our own staff and is usually backed by a long-term insurance-backed guarantee.   Condensation leads to streaming windows, musty smells and black mould. Mould grows on walls, decorations and fabrics, and can adversely affect health.   RegencyHDT
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Association of Accredited Wykamol Users (AAWU) British Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing Association
Insured Guarantees  
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