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Why do we charge for inspections?

Know your costs!

There is, of course, a cost to any company for carrying out site inspections and preparing reports. Some of our competitors still offer a "free survey", but we all know that nothing in life is free.

Costs are recovered on the work subsequently carried out, and where "surveyors" are paid by commission, they are much more likely to try and sell you some supposedly special treatment or other.

Our inspections and reports are carried out and written only by surveyors qualified in remedial building problems and whilst all companies need to make a profit, our surveyors are not motivated by commission earnings.

By recovering some of our costs in inspection fees, we do not need to find otherwise unimportant work to quote for. If nothing needs to be done, we will say so.

Choosing the right inspection?

Who's it for?
Ideally suited to the homeowner with a damp or timber problem, or prospective purchaser after the Building Society Surveyor has reported and requested a Specialist Report.

This is a basic inspection, carried out during normal weekday business hours. Arrangements can be made by us, with Agents and/or vendors for a Morning or an Afternoon, and our findings sent direct to whoever instructs us. Weekend or Evening appointments are also available. Clients can telephone or e-mail us to discuss the inspection once they have received their report.
Damp Inspection £60.00
Timber Inspection £60.00
Combined Damp & Timber £85.00
Who's it for?
This is aimed at a more detailed investigation and report, possibly for problems where treatments, or other works, have been carried out in the past, whether or not there is a current guarantee in force, and where that work is thought not to have resolved the problem, or where a building is in a very poor condition and consideration is being given to refurbishment.

The service includes a site visit and investigation, taking of samples where appropriate, laboratory analyses if considered appropriate, and a written report on our findings, conclusions and recommendations. Where a current guarantee issued by another company is in force, we will always advise that their procedures are followed through before instructing us to investigate. This level of investigation is not appropriate for normal pre-purchase inspections in occupied and furnished properties.
Detailed Inspection £150.00

Prices at 1st January 2008

Inside M25 please add £35.00 to the above
(plus congestion & parking charges if applicable).

Copy Documents

Document set for all Guaranteed works completed before 31st December 1999 £100.00
Document set for all Guaranteed works completed between 1st January 2000 and 31st May 2007 £80.00
Document set for Guaranteed works completed after 31st May 2007 apply to Regency Preservation

Paying for your fees

Fees can be paid by cheque in advance, or to save postage, by BACS.

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We are experts in timber treatment, condensation cures, damp proofing and cellar conversions. We work in London and throughout the Home Counties area, mainly in Essex and Hertfordshire. We are a well-established family firm, and have built our business on our good reputation. Our work is carried out by our own staff and is usually backed by a long-term insurance-backed guarantee.   Condensation leads to streaming windows, musty smells and black mould. Mould grows on walls, decorations and fabrics, and can adversely affect health.   RegencyHDT
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